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WS Tea Tools are a family of tools that improve the experience of making loose leaf tea from beginning to end. Whether the preference is to use a tea wand, ball, infuser, or strainer, each tool considers the process of measuring, scooping, and steeping the right amount of tea leaves in a single tool.

Tea Strainer

Tea Infuser

Tea Wand

Tea Ball

Mulling Ball

Scoop the right amount of tea leaves for a single serving.

Twist open. Twist closed.

Slide inner tube into outer tube.

Snap plastic ring onto outer tube.

Attach handle to inner tube.

Handle clicks into open and closed position when twisted.

Silicone cap for storing tea leaves and holding tool.

Bent stainless steel handle to rest on top of cup.

Silicone cap to store tea leaves inside of infuser for later.

Markings to measure the amount of tea leaves.

Flip cap over to hold used tea infuser.

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