Thingamatink Transforming Blanket



Working in collaboration with illustrator and author, Kayla Taron, Thingamatink is a project that combines the power of storytelling and play to start a dialogue with kids about what it looks like to take a chance at bravery in the face of everyday failures. The Thingamatink toy is an origami-inspired blanket with zippers and snaps to fold different shapes that the main character in the picture book, "The Thingamatink", creates to problem solve and help her friends in the story. Kids are encouraged to create alongside her, try something new, and see what they can make with a thingamatink.

What does it look like to face your fears?

READ "The Thingamatink"

What does it look like to try something

you are hesitant about?

MAKE a thingamatink


Fold, zip, and snap into different shapes.


What can YOU do with a thingamatink?

Packaged and ready to go!