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Williams Sonoma Pizza Tools
Portable Home Chargers
Thingamatink Toy Blanket
Williams Sonoma Tea Tools
Duke Colposcope
Williams Sonoma Cutting Boards
Williams Sonoma Egg Tools
Williams Sonoma Bar Tools
Williams Sonoma Knife Block
Nova DSLR Camera
Orbital Sifter


Hi! I am an industrial designer from San Francisco, CA and now based in Houston, TX. My background with corporate design teams, consultancies, building a small business, and design contracting have come together and contributed to my continuing development as a well-rounded designer. Through my corporate and consultancy experiences, I have achieved the skills of navigating complex situations, while maintaining the design intent, in order to bring beautiful and functional products from concept to production. These skills are further strengthened from my experience of building a hardware-based startup, which has given me the additional understanding of how the surrounding aspects of branding, sourcing, marketing, and product placement give a product life.


I have implemented design thinking through a diversity of projects and as a result, I understand the nuances of innovation that can come from any part of the development process from the front-end to the back-end of design. This innovation is rooted in becoming an expert in every project I pursue, learning about the market, the trends, the manufacturing, the materials, the aesthetics, and ultimately, how all of that relates to the people I am designing for. After all, as a part of life, design is about the people living it.

Awards: Spark Award-Spark! and Gold | Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition, Honorable Mention | Startup Weekend-2nd Place | Maker Faire-Editor's Choice and Educator's Choice

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